Winter Gear

I had a few people ask me for more specifics on our winter gear, so hear is what we took – specifically- with links and images.

Base Layers:

All three of us have two sets of base layers – tops and bottoms by Smartwool. They have 150 or 250 weight items, and we had a mix of both that you could wear on their own or layer. Smartwool has a load of colors and various patterns that you can mix and match. They also have 1/4 zip tops that I really like and used in Finland and still use when we go to Winter Park.  REI was having a huge sale on Smartwool in November, so we stocked up on everything then. You can also shop at the Smartwool shop on Amazon or Smartwool.

Bryan and I both have silk base layers from REI. Bryan has a top and bottom set, and I have a long sleeve top and a camisole. I used both for various things. I think Bryan wore the silk layer under his Smartwool Layer.


Bryan has a couple of Shackets from Patagonia and a flannel from North Face that he wore over his base layers.

I wore a couple of base layers as tops often. Sometimes I wore a sweater on top, but I get really warm when we’re inside places, so I was typically pretty good with just my base layers and coat.

Lincoln wore his base layers and a hoodie sometimes with his coat, sometimes without and was toasty enough because his body is a little heater all by itself.



Bryan got a few pairs of Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Pro Lined Pants a couple of years ago, and wears them all winter, in Winter Park and in Finland. They are fantastic and layered with either the silk layers or Smartwool layers and come in several colors and sizes.

I got  REI ski pants I layered with Smartwool to keep the wind and wet out some days. I also had several pairs of lined pants from athleta: Stash Polertec Tight, Brooklyn Lined Jogger, and Rainier Bootcut Lined Pant. I got them all in black and wore them all. They were so comfortable. I layered the joggers with my Smartwool base layers on cold days and was able to wear the others without layers in Helsinki. I also took a pair of black pants that I layered with Smartwool. In Lapland, I just wore the winter gear jumpsuit with my base layer pants and two base layer tops.

I also got a smartwool down skirt that I wore over my smartwool base layer pants to dinner one night just to spice things up.

Lincoln wore his base layers with joggers and was just fine as long as we were moving.


We all got new Smartwool socks and wore at least one pair every day  – two pair in Lapland.


We all had cold feet in Lapland despite having great boots and good wool socks, so I asked a couple of locals how they keep their feet warm. They told me that the key is wear a thin wool topped by a thick wool AND to have boots that are at least TWO SIZES BIGGER than your normal shoe. So, keep that in mind if you’re making new purchases or if you need warm boots for a regular winter life.

I wore my Icebug Snowboot that I got a couple of years ago for Winter Park. I’m not sure they are in stock anymore, but I love them.

Bryan got new Oboz Bridger 10” Insulated Waterproof Boots. They worked great other than cold toes in Lapland.

Lincoln wore Bryan’s old snow boots, Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus. They worked well everywhere but Lapland.


We discovered that mittens are the way to go in extreme cold – perhaps two layers of mittens. We all had Smartwool glove liners, but found them to make your hands colder when  your fingers are separated. Even better if you can stick a hand warmer in the end of the glove. We remembered that we took a few on the last night. They would have been awesome the rest of the time.

I have Hestra Leather Mittens that I got in Winter Park and love. I also have a pair of Hestra All Mountain CZone waterproof gloves that I use in the snow that I loaned my mom.

Bryan had a pair of Hestra Wakayama Leather Gloves that he loves.

Lincoln wore his ski gloves and they were fine except for the really cold days in Lapland.


I have a Marmot Hooded Jacket that’s still keeping me cozy and was plenty warm with my base layers.

Bryan got a Patagonia Parka last year at a sample sale and it was perfect.

Lincoln wore his hand-me-down Burton ski coat from his cousin and it was great! It’s kind of like this one.


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