Portugal 2024


    Day 1, Tuesday · March 5th:

    • 11:47AM- 2:26PM Flight Austin to Minneapolis 
    • 4:25PM-7:55AM Flight Minneapolis to Paris 

    Day 2, Wednesday · March 6th:

    Day 3, Thursday · March 7th:

    Day 4, Friday · March 8th:

    • Discovering Porto on a walking tour with a guide including a visit to Graham’s Lodge for a port tasting
    • One-on-One shopping with a chef at a local market and then a cooking class at the Chef’s House for a 3 course meal with wine pairing

    Day 5, Saturday · March 9th:

    Day 6, Sunday · March 10th:

    Day 7, Monday · March 11th:

    • Morning at Leisure! Then travel to Lisbon
    • 3:00PM Check in to The Ivens, Autograph Collection Hotel in Lisbon
    • Spend the afternoon walking around Lisbon
    • Dinner at a neighborhood restaurant

    Day 8, Tuesday · March 12th:

    • 8:15AM transfer to airport
    • 11:15AM-3:25PM Flight from Lisbon to Boston
    • 5:25-9:45PM Flight from Boston to Austin 


    Download Packing List (pdf)



    We are still on the fence about checking vs carrying on – we’ve got several connections on the way to Porto, so it makes me nervous to check. We’ll see and it might be a gametime decision. We have two Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Upright 2 Wheel Luggage, Black, Carry-On 20-Inch, and they are rated for smaller international travel. So, we’ll use those if we carryon. Otherwise, we’ve got our typical US rated carryons that we’ll use: Mine: Travelpro Platinum Magna 2, Spinner Wheels, Olive, 21 inch; Bryan: Briggs & Riley Transcend-Softside Expandable Tall Carry-On Upright Luggage, Rainforest, 22-Inch

    I have a Hammitt wallet similar to this one from years ago that also doubles as a clutch and a crossbody. I’ll use for daily things and one of our backpacks if we need to carry things around. If I have room, then I might throw in a small purse like this Baggallini Crossbody Hobo.

    We all still use our packing cubes from the Australia and NZ trip:

    • eBags Packing Cubes – color coordinated by person – for clothes. I discovered packing cubes for the Australia and New Zealand trip, and still find them to be invaluable.  We use them on all trips – big or small.
    • I purchased these clear plastic packing cubes for toiletries for Scandinavia and still use them, but some international security checkpoints are tricky with carry-on liquid requirements. I believe we’ll have to put all of our liquids into a quart ziplock bag before catching our flight to Porto. So, we might just start with them that way from Austin and use the other toiletry bags for non-liquid items.
    • I use these for non-liquid toiletries like makeup.
    • I have a few small clear cubes for snacks.

    We got Bryan a laptop backpack as a gift a few years ago and he uses it every time he travels with his laptop.  It’s been great. He’ll be taking his laptop this trip for work and hopes to use it. It is too large for the international restrictions as a personal item, so we’ll see what happens. My understanding is that they rarely question those. The ebags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack.

    I got a new Patagonia Backpack a couple of years ago at a sample sale. It’s the Black Hole 32L and will work for carrying my liquid toiletries, charging cables, Ipad, and any other items that won’t fit in my suitcase!


    Bryan will be taking his work laptop since he’ll have to use it a few times for work and his iphone and airpods. I’ll take my ipad and keyboard, airpods and use my phone for photos.

    Using the adapters from before – the Ceptics brand since they had 3-prong options. Also taking the multi-plug unit since we’ve got a few items to charge, plus an extension cord – never leave home without it!

    I use velcro straps for binding up all of our cords. I like these so I can color code and write a device label on it.  


    Keeping it light

    • Apple
    • Protein Bars
    • Napoleons hard candy
    • Fruit snacks
    • Trader Joe’s Inca Corn
    • Trail Mix
    • We each take a canteen for the flight and to use on the entire trip