Meet the Baughers

We are the Baughers, a family of four travel-loving humans who are fairly ordinary most of the time. Bryan owns GM Culinary, providing dining service solutions to the corporate world. Tipton is in her junior year at Texas Tech University and loves every minute of college life. Lincoln is an 13-year-old ball of athletic energy, dividing his time between school and his greatest passion—baseball. I (Jerretta) split my time between various jobs: cook, chauffeur, cheerleader, giver of cuddles, and writer. We happily live in Austin, Texas, with our adorable dog, Baxter, and cope with the climate by spending as much time as possible in our pool or the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado.

Our family began traveling in 2014 and decided to make family travel a part of our lives after the success of that trip. We planned a big trip every two years until the pandemic. We ventured back into the world of traveling for Christmas 2022. Join us on our next big trip – as Bryan and I explore Portugal!

If you’d like to catch up on our previous trips, click the links below for all of the details:

Christmas 2022-The Baughers met up with our Stirman family and spent the holidays exploring the Christmas markets in Helsinki and then trekking north to the winter wonderland of Lapland, Finland. You can live it all here

Summer 2018—The Baughers met up with our great friends, The Welshes, in Italy for a three-week journey across the country, feasting our mouths and eyes on the many wonders. You can see that trip here.

Summer 2016—our foursome traveled across Scandinavia, covering Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. You can check out that trip here.

Summer 2014—our family (plus my mom and niece) traveled on our first big adventure with the kids to Australia and New Zealand. It was an amazing trip, and we still talk about it often. You can start that journey here.

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