Travel to Copenhagen, Thursday, June 23

We said goodbye to Stockholm after breakfast and headed to the train station via the metro.  It was a quick 5min ride, and then we had time to purchase some provisions for the 5hr train journey to Copenhagen.

The train ride was uneventful, clean and offered some much needed downtime.  Both days in Stockholm we walked 6-7mi – a fair piece for our half-pint and Bryan’s calves.

The map said it was an 11min walk to the hotel from Central Station.  I’ve come to realize that the streets are not really marked well, clearly or sometimes even at all.  I’ve also come to realize that I rely heavily on Internet access for many things – navigation close to the top.  So, off we went in the direction that seemed correct at the time.  Our “11min” walk turned into 30-40 min with packs and wheeled cases.  Not ideal for anyone.  Plus, it was warm (translates to: I was sweaty and cranky).  We did see a huge climbing wall along our walk and were able to distract Lincoln from the pains in his legs briefly.

Climbing wall near Central Station

After our slight delay, we made it to the hotel, Scandic Copenhagen, only to have them tell us we needed to pay in advance.  Slight problem – we’ve already paid for the room.  I suspect the clerk knew I was irritated and did her best to placate me by saying I needn’t worry and to make my way to the room.  Thank goodness.  I quickly shot an email to our travel agent as we had the same problem in Stockholm, and I had been assured it was sorted.  I didn’t hear another thing about it, so hopefully, we won’t encounter that issue again.

Anywho, once in the room, Bryan collapsed on the bed complaining of a horrid headache and terrible sinus infection symptoms.  Off to the Apotek (pharmacy) I went to fetch medicinal supplies for my ailing spouse.  Come to find out, the Apotek is next to the train station – 100yards from the place we just were!  However, I found the correct route this time and it took, you guessed it, 11min maximum.  I returned to find this…

All good traveling requires downtime

To be fair, I think everyone was pooped.  Meds on board, Bryan proceeded to sleep for about 16hrs.  We were at our wits end with Lincoln – solution – movie.  Tip chilled, and I gradually developed a sore throat, stuffy nose and horrid sinus headache.  Two parents down for the count = snacks from the train for dinner and an early night to bed for all.  Sincerely, it would be a struggle to find a more boring evening, however, we all seemed thrilled with the option.

Tomorrow – Copenhagen Canal Tour & more…our only day in such a beautiful city.


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