Day 6: Travel Day – Odense & Billund

Copenhagen – Odense – Billund

Saturday, June 25th

We started our day as usual – breakfast in the crazy busy hotel lobby.  Then we showered and packed up for the day’s departure.  Our rental car awaited us across the street and our destinations awaited us 2 and 3hrs away.

Our plan – make a stop in Odense, 2hrs away to see the Hans Christian Anderson Museum and childhood home.  Then proceed onward to the Legoland Village accommodations – a Wild West Cabin.

The drive was uneventful highway and the journey to the village of Odense was straight and easy if not a bit rainy.  We arrived to a place we thought was the parking for the museum.  Our time was close since we arrived about 3pm and were lead about on a wild goose chase by the perplexing signs in the small village.  After a decent bit of time looking for said museum, we found the childhood home only to be informed they were closing soon and it wouldn’t be worth the entrance fee – nor could we make it to the proper museum in time.  Fruitless.  We grabbed a fresh juice from a local store and headed back to the car.  On our return route to the car, we discovered we had parked mere steps from the museum entrance – the opposite direction from our initial venture.  Ridiculous.  We did catch a few pictures on the way to the car before hitting the road again to Billund.

We arrived in Billund to the Legoland Village accommodations and our Wild West Cabin.


As you would expect at Legoland and all places associated, many Lego creations abound.  As we drove to our cabin, we encountered Lego wolves, eagles, powder kegs, rifles, raccoons, and any other Wild West item you can imagine.  Our cabin left much to be desired, but it was close to the park and provided shelter from the elements.  We walked over to an indoor mall of sorts and picked up pizza to go after talking to 4 different people about gluten free options.


We arrived in one piece, fed and were happy to lay ourselves down for the night in preparation for the coming day.  Enough said.



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