Day 8: Travel Day – Legoland – Helsingor

Legoland to Helsingor to Airport

Monday, June 27 th – Tuesday, June 28th

We decided to fend for ourselves after the previous day’s experience.  Plus, we had a short window at the park before we had to get on the road to Helsingor to see the castle before it closed for the day.

We hit the rides we loved most, did a bit of shopping and grabbed a bite before getting in the car.

A warm-up hot chocolate after a super rainy end to Legoland

The trip to Helsingor should have taken 3hrs.  It took 5hrs!  We were on a huge bridge for 2hrs!!

Stuck on the bridge

It was insane and caused us to miss seeing the castle.  I was really disappointed.  We did catch a glimpse of it on our way to dinner after checking into the hotel, and that only made me feel worse about not seeing it.  It really was something to behold.  I didn’t even get a picture of it!

We ate dinner off the square.  Helsingor seemed like a lovely village – cobbled streets like so many European villages – lined with shops, cafes and restaurants.  However, like so many we’ve seen on this trip, the villages seem abandoned.  It’s very strange.

The square with no one around.

We walked the short distance back to our hotel after dinner, and all took much needed showers – the Wild West Cabin shower was not really of interest to any of us!  The Helsingor shower was not much better, but we had all reached our limit.  The bathroom was TINY, and it was impossible to shower without filling the entire bathroom with water.  Now picture that times 4 people.  Swamp.

All clean, we could finally settle for sleep.  It’s about 11pm.  Still bright outside.  We have all of the windows open since it’s a warm night and the hotel is old and without air conditioning.  That also means we must hear every.single.thing.outside!  All night I heard something like an industrial street sweeper, a train, cars, drunken people, and who knows what else. Perhaps I slept 1-2hrs.

Night shifted to day at some point – you would not know it from the light outside.  Bryan and I dressed and made our way to the breakfast room and let the kids sleep.  We had about an hour drive ahead of us to the Copenhagen airport and wanted the kids to be well rested for the day.

While we were at breakfast, Tip came upstairs and said Lincoln was throwing up.  Fantastic!  Not only do we have to drive an hour, but we also have to fly for 3hrs.  We rush downstairs to tend to the ailing boy.  It was terrible.  He was having awful stomach cramps, vomiting and dry heaves.  I was really unsure if we were going to make it.  However, we packed up our things, grabbed some plastic bags we had from various grocery shops and loaded up for the drive.  Lincoln threw up several times on the way – including in the parking lot of a gas station – poor sweet boy.  By the time we got to the airport he was right as rain and ready to eat.  Strangest thing ever.

We somehow got the car turned in and were making our way to the terminal, when Lincoln’s wheeled suitcase handle broke.

Travel failure

It just broke off.  For no reason!  Well, to be fair, I’ve had that case for 20 years, but still! Then we waited an eternity for the elevator – only to have it full each time.  So, down the stairs we went with a sick child, broken luggage, gimpy mom and loaded down dad.  Lovely.

We checked our luggage, got some medication for Lincoln just in case and flew the 3.5 hrs to Iceland with very little drama.  Thank goodness.  I sincerely felt like we couldn’t catch a break!

Next up…Iceland!

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