Day 9: Queenstown – Walter Peak Sheep Farm & Bob’s Peak

July 1st

Last day in Queenstown and amazingly no early departure.  We had leisurely breakfast at a place across from our hotel – Halo.  Tip pointed out that we had Devil Burgers the night before and Halo breakfast in the morning.

We headed over to the tour office to catch a boat across the lake to Walter Peak Farm.   A working sheep farm for carpet wool, clothing wool and meat.  We had a BBQ lunch – grilled meats, veg, salads and dessert.  It was a fantastic spread.

Walter Peak Farm

The edge of the lake before the ride to the farm









Next we moved over to see a sheep dog  demonstration.  Lincoln fed the sheep, and then we watch King, the sheep dog go to work.  He’s a  visual herding dog – she stalks them and stares at them and they fall in line.  If not, they get a nip at the bum to get them right again.

King – the mighty sheep dog


After King did his bit, the shepherd showed us how to sheer the sheep.  They sheer up to 300/day/man once a year.  The wool is actually quite greasy from the lanolin.  Pretty impressive all around.  The farm was beautiful.  We walked around after the sheering and saw a few other farm animals.




A very vocal red dear










Next we took a hike to Bob’s Peak to ride the gondola to the top and ride on the luge.   Another big hit and fantastic views of the lake, town and mountains.  The water is so beautiful here – an indescribable greenish-aqua blue.


Gondola Ride

The start of the luge course – just after “training”

The Finish!

Amazing view

Selfie – notice the red forehead from the luge helmet

Happy boy after the luge









All in all – a great day.  Finished off with delish thai food.  We’ve made a convert out of Kendall, who had never before had Thai food!

Up next…Australia!

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