Day 7: Queenstown – Shot Over Jet

June 29th

Another bright and early morning to return the rental car and catch a flight to Queenstown, NZ on the south island.  Say goodbye to our people mover…and mom as she’s staying in Auckland with Sarah.  We’ll meet up with here in Sydney.

The People Mover

The flight was quick and uneventful and security at the airport was almost non-existent.  Queenstown is stunning.  We arrive to our hotel – St. James apartments – but are not able to check in for a few hours.  So, we go checkout the Shot Over Jet Boat tours and the details on the gondola ride to the mountain and the luge at the top of Bob’s Peak.

With tickets in hand, we checked into our hotel and bundled up for a cold jet boat ride.  The hotel was very dated – think 1980s floral print.  We were also a bit fearful of using the heat – not ideal in freezing Queenstown.  Nevertheless, we pushed on and headed for the boat tour.

The Shotover Jet Boat tour WAS AWESOME!
he biggest smiles I’ve seen on the kids so far.  Thrilling.  85mph in narrow ravines and sharp rocks all around.  Seriously, the best investment so far.

Just after Shotover Jet Boat Ride











After the boat ride we wondered around the quaint village before discovering a sweets shop – The Remarkable Sweets Shop –
We all got some sweets, and then, upon recommendations from the shop girl, headed to Winnie’s for a pizza dinner.   Pretty good GF pizza, too! Oh, and it snowed!  Real Snow!  

Early mornings make for early nights as well.  We were all tucked in by 9pm. Up next…Queenstown & The Doubtful Sound!

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