Day 8: Queenstown – Doubtful Sound

June 30th

Surprise, we have another early bus to catch – the earliest so far.  Up at 5:45a to catch a taxi at 6:45a to the tour office.  I was told at the check in that our lunches were never ordered and that we “might” be able to get some food at the cafe just before boarding the boat.  Ok.  Not ideal.  We have minimal snacks.  Don’t panic, right?  No worries, mate – right?

So, our day looked something like this:

6:45a – catch a taxi (5min ride)
7am – get on a bus (2hr)
9:05am – get on another bus on the side of the road – I’m not joking – in the rain
9:45am – get on another boat (45min ride)
10:30a – get on another bus – I couldn’t make this up
11am – get on another boat (3hr ride) – this is the main boat ride we’ve been working on all day.
3pm – get on a bus – go on a tour of the power plant
4pm – get on a boat
5pm – get on a bus
6pm – get on another bus
8pm – get home.

10 hours of travel for a 3hr boat ride.  Not sure it was really worth it – especially with kids in tow.  However, Kendall counted 136 waterfalls before she fell asleep.  We saw sea lions, birds, rainbows and beautiful surrounds.  It was raining, sunny and then raining again.  And, of course, cold.  Lincoln made a friend on the 3hr boat ride, Hamish,  and that saved our necks.

One of over 130 waterfalls



From the walk down to the boat



This was early on – before seasickness and boredom!





The bus dropped us off at our hotel.  Bryan and the kids stumbled upstairs to our rooms, and I went out to fetch burgers for dinner.  We all collapsed shortly thereafter.  Up next…Sheep!

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