Ah packing!  This has been a multi-day event (really month if you count preparations).  

Lincoln’s before

Lincoln’s before and after









Tipton’s before and after










Bryan’s before and after










Jerretta’s before and after








Tipton’s (11yr old) bag was packed last week as she was spending the better part of the week prior to our departure with her mom.  This was a joint effort and was pretty painless!

Bryan packed yesterday.  Then I made him unpack and repack with packing cubes.  He was less than thrilled and reminded me that he was a grown man capable of taking care of his own packing.  I reminded him that I have been planning this trip for the last several months and packing for everyone had been completed in my head for weeks.   He begrudgingly allowed me to “assist” him with the repack.  Compromise (Bryan would say – Jerretta getting her way) is the key to any successful marriage!

Before we go on,  a couple of things you should know.
1. If you read the initial post, then you will know that I have spent numerous hours researching and preparing for this trip.   Therefore, I have a bit of an ownership thing going on.
2. I have a tendency to want things carried our in a certain, organized way (read: I like things done my way) and struggle if they are done otherwise.  A known flaw and something I am working on daily.  I have had a decent education in overcoming said flaw by having a 4 year old boy.  However, some elements of said flaw continue to plague me.  Again, I am working on it.   Don’t judge!

Moving on…My mom, Bev, arrived Thursday afternoon with her luggage packed.  I have ideas about repacking her as well.  Ask anyone who travels with her  (including herself) – she tends to overpack.  I have personal experience with this as we’ve traveled together many times – enjoyably, in fact.  I did swear I would not travel again with her if she insisted on taking a colossal bag.  I had to carry her 50+ lb bag up the precarious steps of cinque terra – in addition to my 30lb pack that is!

Kendall (9yr old), our niece, will arrive today fully pack by her unbelievably organized mom.  We should all be as on top of it as Erin.

That leaves Lincoln (4yr old) and myself.  Now we’re completely packed and ready to go.   Just in time to pile into cars and head off.  Whew.

Up next…We’re Off!


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