Day 7: Legoland


Sunday, June 26th

We crawled out of our bunks – the kids in bunk beds and us from something very close!  We had been assured that breakfast at the hotel was lovely and accommodating to gluten free.  We were misinformed.  It was insanely expensive for a near-empty buffet (only replenished upon request), watered-down OJ and coffee.  However, they did have Nutella packets that we snagged for later.

Only slightly fed, we walked the short distance to Legoland just in time for the opening.  We were some of the first through the door, and were able to hit the big rides quickly.

Legoland Entrance

The Lego-made-figures were everywhere and very impressive – creatures, buildings, people, characters, bits of nature and complete villages.

We rode so many rides, ate the park food and then headed home for snacks for dinner.

It was the best day we’ve had so far!  Everyone was ready for bed and a bit more Lego adventure tomorrow before hitting the road to Helsigor and Hamlet’s castle.

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