Day 19 & 20: Last Couple of Days

July 11th & 12th

We were in no rush to do anything this morning.  Easy breakfast and then a wander down to the beach.  The kids played “sand ball” which basically consisted of the kids throwing sand at each other and running around a lot.  Bryan went for a barefoot run on the beach, and I watched the waves and the kids in total bliss.  Mom hung at the house for a little R&R and much needed quiet time!

After a bit, I walked into town from the beach, had lunch with the Simpsons and then walked back to the house (about 20min walk).  Just as I got back, the rest of the crew was finishing up a bit of lunch and wanted to walk into town.  So, we headed back.  Got a few last minute gifts and finally found Aussie charms for the girls.  Had some yummy gelato before heading back to make some nachos for dinner. We are all really missing Mexican food!

Lovely relaxing day – the adults even got to play rummy cube and drink wine by the pool while the kids played in the grass.  Lucky folks all around.

Last day…

Hard to believe this is our last day.   It’s off to the beach to enjoy it!

Jerretta & Lincoln – Complete with Photo Bomb Phill – Port Douglas Beach

Tip & Kendall – Port Douglas Beach












After the beach we all headed back to the apartment to begin the return preparation as well as a last trip to the store for supplies.  We opted to stay in for dinner and decided on a place called Off The Track –

Fantastic burgers and maybe the best GF bun I’ve ever had.  A few in the group had Fish & Chips – including a grilled GF version for Lincoln.  The best part – they delivered AND it was VERY affordable.

After dinner the kids watched Frozen and Stella and Lincoln were caught on camera singing Let it go:

A few last pics to capture the group:

The Group – Final Pic

Fab Four Port Douglas

Baughers Port Douglas

Off to bed – to say that tomorrow will be a long day might be an understatement.  

Up next…the trip home!

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