Day 5: Hobbiton

Just before tour of Hobbiton

June 27th







Caught an early bus to Hobbiton.  So far the early bus thing doesn’t seem much like a holiday!  It was a smallish group (13ppl) and the ride was easy.  We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate midway there.  Again – excellent GF pastry and coffee!  Coffee is a seriously an art form here.  We get what’s called a flat white.

Upon arrival at Hobbiton, we hop on another coach to take us over to the actual movie site.  There is really not much to say except it was adorable and amazing.  There is a tree that cost over $700K to build.  


They also built the set for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, tore it all down as per their contract with the farmer, then built it again for the hobbit trilogy.  Now Peter Jackson owns a share of the property and the set is a permanent fixture of the farm – open for tours all the time.  

Hobbiton Details











The grounds are actually maintained by gardeners with actual vegetables that they take home to their families.  

Tiny Jams

Flower Box









It really is a lovely spot and the hobbit holes are very welcoming – complete with smoke streaming out of the chimneys.  I think the scene is best explained visually…


real smoke!



This will forever be one of my favorite pictures of Lincoln











After we toured all of the grounds, we stopped off in the Green Dragon Pub for some refreshments.  The kids had either ginger beer on root beer and the adults had cider.

The place is magical, to say the least. 










Up next…Glow Worms & Kiwi Birds!

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