Guest Post – Tipton & Kendall – Featherdale

July 4th
Featherdale Wildlife Park




At the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we all got to pet a koala.  It was very soft . He didn’t really move except for his mouth when he was shoveling  food into it. There were some other enclosures, but all the other koalas were either sleeping or being statue-like.




Sweet Wallaby – we could pet them.  Most of the wallabies and the kangaroos would let us pet them, but all of them wanted us to feed them.  At one point we had one cup of food and 3 or more wallabies around us trying to get it … it was crazy.  They were all pretty chill aside from going crazy for food. 

Feeding the wallabies was so much fun. When you would give them food they would just let you pet them forever or as long as you had food.

Wombats were so strange they look like huge guinea pigs or huge rats that mated with a pig. They were short and fat and had stubby legs. They were pretty strange.


Crazy Bird that looks like a dinosaur




This bird didn’t do much that we saw he just drank water. He looks like he is related to a prehistoric creature…maybe he is.








How do we match up??


Well not quite as tall as a kangaroo but we are still growing. Kendall is catching up to Tip pretty fast.

Flying Fox


Flying FoxSince the flying foxes are nocturnal they didn’t do much. We did see one pee.  Every once and awhile one would spread there wings out, and that was cool.

The Featherdale Wildlife Park had so many amazing animals like the dingos, birds of all sorts, crocs, emus, and tasmanian devils.  The Tasmanian Devil would not stop running around (that’s why we don’t have a picture of it) and it was crazy.  The Featherdale Wildlife Park was pretty amazing.  Some of those animals we might never see again.  We had a great time.


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