Guest Post: Tip & Kendall…Zoo & Hobbiton

                                   The Zoo

So the zoo was amazing  – we saw so many amazing animals. We first fed giraffes  – which was so cool.  We all agreed that the giraffe’s tongue was rough.  We saw tigers, lions, beautiful birds, huge hippos, baboons and baby baboons, which were much more attractive than the adults, crocs, gators, cute little meerkats, seals and super scary eels. We saw so many beautiful animals and  amazing flowers that it would take us forever to list them.

                                             The Amazing Hobbiton

Today we went to Hobbiton. This is where The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit were filmed.  First, we started at the garden, and this is where we saw the first of 44 hobbit holes.
Next, we walked around the pond and saw more hobbit holes. All of the hobbit holes were built into the hills and most of the hobbit holes had little chimneys.  We then walked up and down hills and saw all 44 hobbit holes.


We also saw a 110% fake tree that cost $700,000 to create.  It had over 100,000 fake leaves and it took 2 1/2  years to make.


Last, we went to the Green Dragon where we all got free drinks. The children got ginger beer (non-alcoholic) and the adults got cider or beer. The experience at Hobbitton was absolutley amazing.



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