Portugal 2024: Gearing Up to Wheels Up

Hang on folks, because the Baughers are all going in different directions this time! Tipton is headed to Nashville next with some of her gal pals for Spring Break of her Junior year at Texas Tech. Lincoln is headed to Italy TODAY for a whirlwind trip with his 8th grade class through St. Francis School visiting Venice, Florence, Assissi and Rome all in about a week. He is missing a baseball tournament with his TRPD team in Houston and was seriously conflicted about which to choose. Bryan and I are headed to Portugal solo and sweet Baxter B. gets some quality time with his pet sitter at home.

Bryan and I worked with a fantastic travel company this time called Bell & Bly Travel. They specialize in off the beaten path travel experiences and took on most of the legwork. It’s been a great experience so far and the trip they’ve planned for us looks amazing and right up our alley. The Map, Itinerary, Packing List & Gear are all posted on the main Portugal 2024 Page. Stay tuned for packing up pictures and away we go post on March 5th, 2024! Follow along as we explore Porto, The Douro Valley & Lisbon! Up next…Day 1!

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2 Responses to “Portugal 2024: Gearing Up to Wheels Up”

  1. Gail Baugher

    Always eager for you to start posting pictures and adventure details, Jerretta! Let the magic in Portugal begin!


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