Days 5: Italy 2018 – Amalfi

Tuesday, June 19th:

The ferry leaves Sorrento at 10:30a and heads to Positano and then on to Amalfi. Completely reasonable departure time. We missed it. I would like to draw your attention to the previous post. Monday was a big day. It was a long day. It was both physically and mentally taxing, and we all slept like the dead. Until 10:15a. So, we missed the ferry. No problem. Except it’s the only main ferry that goes up the Amalfi coast from Sorrento. There are buses that make the treacherous, sheer-cliff drop, narrow, windy lane drive, but the prospect of another green day was not appealing to any of us. You can also hire a cab but that is no better really. So we decided to hire a boat.

We grabbed a few pastries and coffee and headed to the marina to meet our captain, Roberto. The boat was a single engine, smallish boat that could hold a maximum of 8 people.

On the boat to Amalfi










I thought the boat ride to Amalfi was only 1.5hrs, but it was more like 2.25hrs. We stopped along the way to have a swim and then landed in Amalfi. The coastline and water are beautiful but pictures never do it justice.



Our concierge had given us the names of a private beach and restaurant to go to, but we asked everywhere – including the tourist information – and no one knew what we were talking about so we gave up that mission after wasting about 30min. Large bus-loads of people file out of the main square and into the town every few minutes.

Just off the square in Amalfi. These tile maps are in all the coastal towns.

None of us were in the mood for shopping or fighting the crowds or paying 30e per person to sit on a beach chair for the 45min we had left before meeting our captain for the return trip. What do you do with 45min?? Eat, of course. I feel like all we do is eat. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Then back on the boat for the 2.25 ride home.  The initial ride was smooth. The return was windy and rough. Bryan and I were soaked with sea spray! Big smiles from everyone nonetheless.





We got back to the marina about 6:30p and made our way up the Donkey Kong-like trail back to our hotel. It’s no joke – similar to the Pompeii hike in steepness! Quick showers and then a meet up with our friends, the Welshes, for dinner on the water. Pretty great day!

Dinner in Sorrento

Up next…Capri!



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