Can we please get underway already?!?


Well, I have spent the last several months in a state of what my brother calls, “a classic case of analysis paralysis.”  I have researched everything you can imagine – the best backpack, best packing strategies, how to travel with 4yr old children on long haul flights, best travel games, best packing cubes, best snacks, best packable jackets and the list goes on.  I even submitted a plea on a luggage forum to determine other travelers’ suggestions on the best bag to purchase from that company.

I was out of control.  Every free moment was spent on researching how best to get from Austin to Auckland without clutter, losing my mind, possibly my 4 year old and certainly my husband.  I had so much information in my head that I was unable to make a single decision.  So, I looked up another blog or travel site or review to confirm that last nugget was accurate and that led to another look up on another blog, travel site or review and the cycle continued ad nauseam.

Then I snapped.  I transitioned into the action phase – a purchasing frenzy – followed by carefully squirreling away bits of travel-sized treasures and tedious notes on  organizational strategies.   Now, I would like to move onto the next phase – actually traveling.  I don’t think I can think about the “how to” phase any longer!

Please note that the actual travel plans (flights, day trips, tours, rental cars, etc ) were vetted and booked months ago thanks to the helpful Paul, Ashley and Lupita at About Australia travel company ( .  I started that researching path on my own and felt utterly overwhelmed and out of my depth – especially since I was planning for 6 people to a VAST country. I have planned many an international trip for myself or myself and a couple of others, but 6 people – including children – no thank you.  Too many factors.  Enter the professionals.  Thank goodness.  I guess I will have to withhold some accolades until after the trip, but so far they have been uber helpful.   Next phase – packing.  Oh boy!




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