Pre-Travel: Scandinavia 2016

Today is the day!  We’ve been planning, researching, preparing, and with giddy anticipation, awaiting its arrival.  It is finally here, and we are earnestly excited.

As with most things that are exciting, there are additional emotions almost unavoidably coupled: anxiety, nervousness, some stress and joyous pride for stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn new things and adventure to new lands.  These things are true as adults, but especially so when traveling with kids.  However, the reward is most certainly worth the risk, and I delight in watching our kids discovering.

Travel is invaluable; uncertain exposures lead to knowledge and knowledge is powerful.  The world is vast, but with the experiences of travel tucked in your pack, it becomes a much smaller place.  I think we can benefit from the feeling of a smaller place and an understanding that similarities exist universally despite our differences.  Common ground is obtainable and witnessing, with your own eyes, the many wonders of the world will hopefully lead to wisdom, understanding and a better tomorrow.  That’s why we travel.  That’s why we travel as a family.

On our last trip, there were 6 of us.  This time we’ve deiced to go it alone – The Baugher Four – tackling world’s adventures.   My mom has graciously agreed to stay behind and look after our sweet, ancient girl dog, Franny.

Franny Girl

And look after the plants in the oppressive heat of summer in Austin, Texas.  Plus, she made the Scandinavian journey last fall.  Thanks, Mom.  We’ll get you next time.

You can track our daily travels on the Itinerary page or if you are a visual learner, you can view our Map.   In general we will be traveling to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Bergen, Flam & Oslo.  There are some small cities we will be visiting in those areas, and I will feature those in the daily entries.

You can view the Gear we used and the Snacks we packed.  I will post a review of how the various items worked or didn’t work after the trip in the recap and under each item’s link on the applicable page.  I find those sorts of review/recap helpful when preparing for a trip and hope you will as well.


Thanks for following along with us!  Next up…Scandinavia!




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